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Resort Rules
  1. Loud music is not allowed between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Because of the open design of the cottages, sound can travel a distance. Please minimize sound / music since other guests may be sleeping. The volume of music will have to be lowered after the first complaint. We may have to ask the guest to turn off the sound system after a second complaint.

  2. Karaoke Machines. Management does not permit the use of Karaoke machines in the resort. Karaoke machines will only be allowed if the guest has reserved all the rooms for themselves.

  3. Cooking is not allowed. The resort does not permit cooking in any of the rooms at any time. Please take meals at designated eating areas such as the pavilion. Eating is also not allowed in the rooms, balconies or cabanas.

  4. Please clean up after yourselves. We try to keep our beach and resort as clean as possible. Kindly do your part by throwing all trash in the designated trash bins, including cigarette butts. We practice trash segregation and recycling. Please place the trash in the respective bins.

  5. Conserve water. We ask our guests to please conserve water because it is a very limited resource.

  6. Right Conduct. We reserve the right to evict/eject any guest or group of guests should we find them engaging in fights, under the influence of illegal drugs, or generally disrupting the peace at the resort.

  7. Time. Check-in time is at 1:00 pm. Checkout time is at 11:00 am; therefore all the rooms will have to be totally cleared by this time to give the staff ample time to clean the rooms for the guests who will be checking-in to the resort.

  8. Marine Sanctuary. The waters in front of the resort is part of a marine sanctuary, which is being monitored by the local community. It is illegal to take any corals, shells, and starfish from the water.

  9. Corkage. Soda, cola's and beers are not allowed to brought inside the resort. Wines will be charged at P200.00 per bottle, local liquors at P300.00 per bottle and Imported liquors at P500.00 per bottle.

  10. Beach Chair Cushions should not be taken into the rooms. since these are for the beach chairs and cabanas only. Guests can request for extra beds, which costs P200, which includes a bed sheet, pillow and blanket.

Once again, we hope that you enjoy your stay. We encourage our guests to please be considerate and mindful of the rules and regulations for everyone to enjoy the resort. We would appreciate any comments and suggestions, which you can email to llbr.customerservice@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting La Luz Resort.

Resort Management